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Ted Kennedy can’t be a Mormon for at least a year!

Posted by coventryrm on Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy’s eternal salvation will have to wait


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What Would Jesus Do?

Posted by skiutah on Monday, August 24, 2009

Rifqa Bary said that her father threatened to kill her because she converted to a non-Muslim religion: Honor Killing

What would a Mormon family do with a 17 year old that converted to another religion?
a) ostracize them
b) cut them off financially
c) threaten them with eternal damnation
d) don’t mention their name anymore to relatives
e) treat them as if they had died
f) remove them as a facebook friend
g) put their name in the temple prayer hat

What would Jesus do if he had a child that converted to another religion? Would he react like the Muslims? or the Mormons?


What would the Mormon Jesus do: shun, ostracize, ridicule, cajole, avoid...

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Mormons 4th Largest Denomination in U.S.

Posted by skiutah on Monday, August 10, 2009

As reported by National Council of Churches, NCC report, here are the top 4 denominations by membership numbers in the U.S.:
1. Roman Catholic Church, 67,117,06
2. Southern Baptist Convention, 16,266,920
3. United Methodist Church, 7,931,733
4. Mormon, 5,873,408

Compare that to the Pew Forum, reporting affiliation by percentages of adults in the U.S.:
1. Protestant evangelical churches, 26.3%
2. Catholic, 23.9%
3. Protestant mainline, 18.1%
4. No religion, 16.1%
5. Protestant black, 6.9%
6. Jewish, 1.7%
7. Mormon, 1.7%
8. Jehovah’s Witness 0.7%

Another interesting statistic from the Pew Forum Report, it states that only 57% of Mormons believe that the LDS religion is the one true religion. When I used to go to church, it was more like 99% believed that. Did something change?

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