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Check out this video

Posted by coventryrm on Friday, October 31, 2008


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MorChauvinism + MorSexism = MorMan

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My wife told me that because I was raised a Mormon, that I’m inherently a chauvinist and sexist, it’s part of how I was raised and who I am, even if I’ve long left the LDS church, it’s not simple to shed 20 plus years of misogynistic indoctrination.

Listed next are a few examples of Mormon teachings that promote chauvinism (there are hundreds of examples of like this, these are just a few random samplings).

Gordon B. Hinckley taught in a 2007 conference talk ”Husbands, love and treasure your wives. They are your most precious possessions.”

Orson Pratt taught “when she presents herself to the man, and gives herself to him with an everlasting covenant … she becomes his flesh, his property, his wife, as much so as the flesh and bone of his own body.” (JD vol 6, p. 358)

M. Russell Ballard advocated in 2001 that women should not wear more than one earring per ear “Wearing two pairs of earrings may or may not have eternal consequences for this young woman, but her willingness to obey the prophet will.”

Chauvinism and sexism are not unique to the Mormon religion. I have Muslim, Hindu, and Redneck friends that have been raised in similar “your wife is just a breeder, cook, and cleaner” societies.

How does one raise above one’s “MorMan” formula upbringing? My wife gave me this checklist:

– Recognize that you have been raised a chauvinist and misogynist.
– Extricate/remove yourself from the chauvinistic environment.
– Determine which behaviors are chauvinistic, sexist, and misogynistic.
– Next steps. Work on a plan to change your behavior.
– Equal partners in the marriage. The husband is not superior.
– Counseling. Get help from a professional therapist.
– Knowledge is essential. Get an education from somewhere other than BYU.

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He came to save our soles!

Posted by coventryrm on Monday, October 20, 2008

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