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Mormonism Needs a Luther

Posted by skiutah on Monday, January 30, 2012

Here’s an article in the Washington Post: A Mormon church in need of reform

If there is a budding Mormon Luther king or queen out there, here are some suggestions:

* Mormons want to be seen as a mainstream Christian religion. However as long as Mormons keep telling other religions that Mormonism is the only correct religion, then Mormonism will never be accepted as a Christian religion. In this mode, Mormonism will always be a pariah religion. Drop the story about all other religions being wrong. Mormonism is just as wrong/right as any other religion.
* Stop whitewashing the Mormon history and become more transparent with the Mormon leaders’ historical behavior and teachings. Admit it when the prophets and leaders made/make mistakes. Disavow all the obviously wrong statements from past prophets. Here are a few small examples: the Garden of Eden is in Missouri, Blacks were at one time unworthy to hold the priesthood, American Indians are descendants from Jews from Israel, Polygamy was God’s brilliant idea, baptizing and marrying dead people, God lives near/on Kolob, and so forth. These teachings served a purpose at one time, but now are just a PR nightmare.
* Admit that polygamy was a mistake. Remove D&C 132 from LDS canon. Stop allowing Mormon men to be married to multiple women in the temple (if the first wife dies).
* Remove the Book of Abraham from LDS canon, this book has serious flaws.
* Focus on Jesus instead of Joseph Smtih.
* Stop ostracizing people who leave the Mormon church. When you ostracize former members, this has the opposite effect of what you want. Instead of shunning former members, treat them as good friends.
* Allow the LDS public relations department to vet all talks by prophets, apostles, and general authorities.

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