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Another Mormon Resignation Letter

Posted by skiutah on Saturday, December 24, 2011

Here is an interesting resignation letter from a guy who was currently a Bishop for the Mormon church: Steve Bloor Resignation from Mormon Church

This guy’s story is similar to thousands and thousands of others Mormons out there who decide to leave the LDS church:
1. He does a small amount of research into Mormon church history.
2. It’s hard to reconcile the information he finds with what he’s been taught.
3. He makes the painful decision to leave the LDS church and abandon a huge part of his life, family, and culture.

What’s telling is the reaction from his Mormon brethren to his decision:
1. You’re mentally defective there must be something wrong with you.
2. Somebody hurt your feelings.
3. You must be committing some sort of sin.
4. Your interpretation of the facts is wrong.
5. You’re not welcome anymore.

If there was a true church out there — an organization where God communicates directly with its leaders — what reaction would you expect from members of a society of great light and knowledge? Would it really be one of the prior rote, knee jerk, ostracizing, ad hominem responses?

There are thousands of similar experiences out there:
Mormonism Get Thee Behind Me

I say pedophile, you say prophet.

I say pedophile, you say prophet.

Analyzing facts regarding Mormonism oftentimes turns into a fuzzy Rorschach test. The person looking at the facts will see whatever they want to see. There‚Äôs no way to convince somebody of your interpretation when they have a completely different view (of the same set of facts). Disagreement is fine. What’s insightful is that Mormons get quite angry and upset when somebody views the facts differently from the Mormon interpretation and Mormons quickly turn the discussion into personal attacks (label people as mentally defective, easily hurt feelings, sinful, anti-Mormon, hate-Mos and so forth), and furthermore claim the Mormons are being unfairly persecuted, ridiculed, and mocked, only because somebody views the facts differently from the Mormon perspective.

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