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Woman Sees Porter Rockwell in Iron

Posted by skiutah on Sunday, November 29, 2009

Methuen, Mass. — A Mormon woman who recently separated from her husband and had her hours cut at work says an image of Porter Rockwell she sees on her iron has reassured her that “life is going to be good.” Mary Jo Coady first noticed the image Sunday when she walked into her daughter’s room. The brownish residue on the bottom of the iron looks like the face of a man with long hair. She and her two college-age daughters agree that the spitting image looks like Porter Rockwell and is proof that “the church is true.”

Porter Rockwell image

Porter Rockwell

magnified iron stain

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Sarah Palin Supporters Shine

Posted by skiutah on Friday, November 27, 2009

It says the video was shot in Ohio, but I think they shipped in some of my Utah neighbors to be interviewed:

If only John McCain had picked Mitt Romney for his running mate, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

In 2012, I don’t know which will be more interesting, a Palin-Romney ticket or a Romney-Palin ticket? Or throw Glenn Beck into the mix, maybe an all Mormon ticket? Can you imagine a Romney-Beck whitehouse with Sarah Palin as Secretary of State?

Palin looks good on top of the 2012 ticket:

Palin Romney 2012

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Jesus Made Me Rich!

Posted by skiutah on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here’s an interesting article on how Jesus may have contributed to the economic crisis: Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

God Makes Religious People Rich
The “Lord’s Get Rich Quick” law is similar to the one taught by Mormons:
– Pay tithing, the Lord will bless you
– Be faithful to the church, the Lord will bless you

This get rich quick mentality may explain why the bankruptcy rate in Utah is rapidly increasing: Utah Bankruptcies Soar

According to Elder Hales, paying more tithing will increase your wealth: Tithing: the Path to Riches

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