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A comic strip for the LDS that find my blog offensive!

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LDS historians claim Brigham Young fueled hysteria,

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BUT didn’t order the attack on Mountain Meadows


2 days after the massacre Brigham Young makes the following statement

 “I want the people in the west and in the east to understand that it will not be safe for them to cross the Plains”
-Brigham Young; JoD 5: 231; 9-13-1857

All three authors of this book are employed by the LDS church, one has to wonder how unbiased their research actually could be, why won’t the church turn over all the information and research to a non LDS historian?  Don’t we also know that the Church at the time went to great lengths to cover up and destroy any evidence of church involvement.  What does lack of direct evidence of BY actually ordering the hit prove? 

 A danite has been quoted as saying the following in regards to BY

He professed great ignorance; but I knew no such raids dared be made without his orders.”

– Bill Hickman; Mormon Danite; 1870

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