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Group Unveils Satan Statue Design for OK

Posted by skiutah on Monday, January 13, 2014

A religious group wants to put a statue of Satan at the Oklahoma state capital: Satan statue going to Oklahoma

Person A: My religion is correct, yours is wrong.
Person B: No, my religion is correct, yours is wrong.

The logical answer is that they’re all wrong. Humans have been arguing (and killing) like this for thousands and thousands of years…

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Electrick Children

Posted by skiutah on Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here’s a movie about a Mormon girl who believes she’s become miraculously impregnated (like Mary): Electrick Children

The young girl’s parents (devout believers in Jesus) know it’s impossible for her to become miraculously impregnated.

Thus the movie highlights an ironic flaw in human nature: Intelligent people can accept as true the unbelievable while simultaneously reasoning the belief is false.


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Mormon Leader Can’t Believe Beliefs

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here’s a post in the Salt Lake Tribune about a Mormon leader who can’t believe what he previously believed:
Mormon Leader Leaves

This guy’s experience can be explained by understanding the I-15 Mormons. I-15 Mormons live near Interstate 15 in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona, and there are a large number of remote I-15 Mormons living in Oregon, California, and Nevada. The I-15 Mormons fall into three groups:

A) Some are not curious at all about investigating anything that would cause them to experience anything uncomfortable in regards to their religion; this is a large percentage of the I-15’ers.

B) Another percentage will investigate, but are able to believe explanations for historical LDS practices or former LDS teachings.

C) Another percentage will investigate, and discover most of the “anti-Mormon” documentation is based on historical documents and formerly sanctioned LDS publications. If their belief in Mormonism is not based on feelings from God, then these folks tend to become inactive members and/or leave Mormonism.

For people in the A and B groups, they believe something is wrong with people in the C group. Either the C people have had “their feelings hurt”, or “couldn’t keep a commandment”, or “have a mental defect”. People in the A and B groups often “feel sad” for the people in the C group and “will pray for them”.

The B group and C groups tend to argue, and can’t understand how two people looking at the same set of facts, can interpret the same set of facts so differently. While the A group doesn’t want to get involved in any debates; anything that challenges their belief isn’t worth it.

For close-knit LDS families, it’s an embarrassment to have a family member in the C group. The C’ers are often ostracized and ridiculed.

Is it possible to keep people in the C group from leaving the Mormon church? Some suggestions:

1) Don’t whitewash Mormon history. Be more transparent. When the C’ers discover facts that contradict what they were taught, they feel deceived and misled. (The B group will argue that there was no deception. From the C group perspective, the B group misses the point, and vice versa)

2) Marginalize teachings that cannot ever be believed by a fact based C person (like Black people were cursed, humanity originated in Missouri, American Indians are descendants of Jews, the Book of Abraham, Polygamy was God’s idea, Gay people choose to be gay, and so on).

The A group won’t care, they’ll believe anything, it’s easier for this group to not ask questions. This is the current base of the I-15 Mormons.

The B group will argue about the origin of former teachings for a while, but will eventually give up (because their belief is based on God-sent feelings).

The C group will not feel like they were deceived and have wasted a portion of their lives on something that can’t be what it was advertised to be.

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Woman, know thy place

Posted by skiutah on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This opinion was printed in the Salt Lake Tribune: Woman, know thy place

Here’s the text, this is classic:

I read “April Mormon conference may make history: women will pray” (Tribune, March 19) with great disappointment. I may be a male-chauvinist piglet to many women, yet the fundamentals of scripture are unchanging.

The Apostle Paul divinely stated in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35: “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.”

Woman was created for man; this world was made for men to lead households and prayers. Man was created in God’s image — not in a woman’s image.

American society has become so politically correct that it has spilled over to theology. Women, as well as children, may sing in church and participate in other ways.

If Brigham Young were alive today, I’m certain he would denounce women overshadowing the proper sphere of men. The sexes have different roles.

James A. Marples



One would have to question a culture or religion that could produce such thoughts…

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Where did God come from?

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

God magically created itself...

Who created God?
Where did God come from?

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Krishna and Christ

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, September 27, 2012

Krishna and Christ

Krishna and Christ

Krishna and Christ

Krishna and Christ seem pretty similar…

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Posted by skiutah on Monday, September 3, 2012

Recent chairs used as a foundation for imaginary friends:



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Cats Dump Christianity

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toxoplasma Gondii is a parasite that infects humans. Toxoplasmosis is passed to people from contaminated cat feces. Humans typically catch toxoplasmosis when cleaning cat litter. Feline loving countries in Europe, North American, and South American have high infestation rates (as high as 80% of the population).

The Toxoplasma parasite embeds in the orbital frontal cortex of the human brain and alters the personality and psychological behavior of the host that it infects. People infected with this parasite tend to:

* Be more prone to guilt, self-doubt, and insecurity
* Have increased suicide rates
* Be less inhibited, more compulsive, and have reckless behaviors
* Have stronger sexual drives
* Have higher rates of schizophrenia and bi-polarism

People with the prior listed qualities tend to:

* Believe that an external influence like the devil tempts them to behave badly
* Believe that they are inherently sinful, have no control over bad behavior, and therefore unworthy of God, and hence develop a desire to be saved by an external entity such as Jesus

In this way, cats and the Toxoplasma parasite have been the driving force behind the spread of Christianity. Cultures (like Europe, North American, and South America) that overwhelmingly accept cats as house pets also tend to be highly Christian. Whereas in Asian countries, where pet cats are not welcome, people tend be Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist. In non-cat lover countries, humans have low infestation rates (5% in South Korea) of this parasite and don’t agree with many of the beliefs of Christian religions (all humans are imperfect, influenced by the devil, sin, and therefore need to be saved by Jesus).


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Romney’s Temple Recommend in Jeopardy

Posted by skiutah on Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reports have surfaced from Salt Lake City that Mitt’s temple recommend is in danger of being revoked. Reportedly Mitt has claimed it was his idea to bail out the auto industry and he deserves much of the credit for the turnaround of the Detroit auto companies.

Here’s a link to Mitt’s interview: Romney takes credit for auto rebound

The brethren have met and determined that this is in direct violation of the Lord’s 9th commandment (thou shalt not lie; “if” the Bible is translated correctly). No word yet on when Mitt will be asked to turn in his temple recommend. An informal poll was taken from employees exiting the church office building and 90% of respondents expect Mitt will be forgiven if he wins the presidential election. If he loses, he will be forgiven if Mitt agrees to donate 10% of his Swiss bank account to the church coffers.

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Mormonism Needs a Luther

Posted by skiutah on Monday, January 30, 2012

Here’s an article in the Washington Post: A Mormon church in need of reform

If there is a budding Mormon Luther king or queen out there, here are some suggestions:

* Mormons want to be seen as a mainstream Christian religion. However as long as Mormons keep telling other religions that Mormonism is the only correct religion, then Mormonism will never be accepted as a Christian religion. In this mode, Mormonism will always be a pariah religion. Drop the story about all other religions being wrong. Mormonism is just as wrong/right as any other religion.
* Stop whitewashing the Mormon history and become more transparent with the Mormon leaders’ historical behavior and teachings. Admit it when the prophets and leaders made/make mistakes. Disavow all the obviously wrong statements from past prophets. Here are a few small examples: the Garden of Eden is in Missouri, Blacks were at one time unworthy to hold the priesthood, American Indians are descendants from Jews from Israel, Polygamy was God’s brilliant idea, baptizing and marrying dead people, God lives near/on Kolob, and so forth. These teachings served a purpose at one time, but now are just a PR nightmare.
* Admit that polygamy was a mistake. Remove D&C 132 from LDS canon. Stop allowing Mormon men to be married to multiple women in the temple (if the first wife dies).
* Remove the Book of Abraham from LDS canon, this book has serious flaws.
* Focus on Jesus instead of Joseph Smtih.
* Stop ostracizing people who leave the Mormon church. When you ostracize former members, this has the opposite effect of what you want. Instead of shunning former members, treat them as good friends.
* Allow the LDS public relations department to vet all talks by prophets, apostles, and general authorities.

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