Book of Mormonisms

Did they really say THAT?

Science vs Faith



4 Responses to “Science vs Faith”

  1. SkiUtah said

    I think the “Faith” flow chart also needs a feedback loop in there somewhere with a process such as:
    – Have more faith
    – You’ll find out in the next life
    – Pray harder, it will come

  2. SkiUtah said

    Is Al Gore’s environmental message more science or faith?

  3. coventryrm said

    Oh MAN ..don’t get Blaze started again!!!! 🙂

  4. blazeheliski said

    I wont get long winded. I will just say that the televanglist Joel Osteen would love the business model of Al Gore. I would bet that Joel Osteen did not make 100 million dollars last year like Al Gore. Al Gore has 1000 unpaid volunteers to funnel money to him personally – what a deal!!!!!!!!!!!

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