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Real Reason Romney Won’t Release Tax Returns

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The most likely reason Mitt Romney won’t make his tax returns public is because then the brethren will see how much Mitt made in a year, calculate 10% of that figure, compare that to what he paid in tithing, and realize that Mitt hasn’t been paying what he should in tithing.

The Mormon church will most likely be owed tens of millions of dollars. It will be embarrassing to the Romney campaign if Mitt has his temple recommend revoked until all tithing is paid in full…

Or could it be that he filed joint tax returns with mulitple wives?

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Cats Dump Christianity

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toxoplasma Gondii is a parasite that infects humans. Toxoplasmosis is passed to people from contaminated cat feces. Humans typically catch toxoplasmosis when cleaning cat litter. Feline loving countries in Europe, North American, and South American have high infestation rates (as high as 80% of the population).

The Toxoplasma parasite embeds in the orbital frontal cortex of the human brain and alters the personality and psychological behavior of the host that it infects. People infected with this parasite tend to:

* Be more prone to guilt, self-doubt, and insecurity
* Have increased suicide rates
* Be less inhibited, more compulsive, and have reckless behaviors
* Have stronger sexual drives
* Have higher rates of schizophrenia and bi-polarism

People with the prior listed qualities tend to:

* Believe that an external influence like the devil tempts them to behave badly
* Believe that they are inherently sinful, have no control over bad behavior, and therefore unworthy of God, and hence develop a desire to be saved by an external entity such as Jesus

In this way, cats and the Toxoplasma parasite have been the driving force behind the spread of Christianity. Cultures (like Europe, North American, and South America) that overwhelmingly accept cats as house pets also tend to be highly Christian. Whereas in Asian countries, where pet cats are not welcome, people tend be Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist. In non-cat lover countries, humans have low infestation rates (5% in South Korea) of this parasite and don’t agree with many of the beliefs of Christian religions (all humans are imperfect, influenced by the devil, sin, and therefore need to be saved by Jesus).


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Is Romney Good for Mormonism?

Posted by skiutah on Monday, July 2, 2012

Here’s an interesting article in the Washington Post: Is Romney Good for Mormonism?

The reader comments are hilarious…

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