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Medical Studies Show Marijuana Cures Cancer

Posted by skiutah on Monday, November 25, 2013

Here’s an article that documents many medical studies that show marijuana helps cure cancer: Studies that show marijuana cures cancer

I’ve never tried pot myself, but living in Colorado, I think I would try marijuana if I had some form of cancer.

By the way, for those of you that live in states where marijuana is illegal, the side effects of legalizing pot seem to be increased tax revenues and lower drug related crime rates…

One Response to “Medical Studies Show Marijuana Cures Cancer”

  1. NeuroProf said

    Not quite! There are several misleading elements to the piece you’re citing. For example, several of the studies are listed as having been published in the “National Library of Medicine”, but this is merely an abstracting service. The quality of journals represented in the National Library of Medicine vary. The list of 20 includes articles that aren’t really about cancer (such as #2, which is about neurodegeneration). The most important thing is that most or perhaps all of these studies are limited to in vitro observations – a lot of drugs kill tumors in vitro; the trick is finding those that kill tumors in vivo – and specifically, in living humans.

    Overall, though, there is enough evidence to warrant further study. But lets hold off on the “cures cancer” propaganda. No evidence of that yet exists.

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