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Why are Christians so perverted?

Posted by coventryrm on Friday, May 30, 2008

Christian groups call for Starbucks boycott after chain relaunches bare-breasted mermaid logo

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The Shock Doctrine

Posted by coventryrm on Friday, May 23, 2008

I just finished reading “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein, I felt the Author did a great job of presenting a very interesting view of the USA’s role in world economics and the “shocking” techniques that have been used to implement so called “Free Markets” globally. After reading this book you could certainly understand why certain countries or groups of people have such feelings of hostility towards the USA.  Sheds a different light on why we have soldiers being killed in Iraq and our reasons for being there (I would also suggest watching the movie – “Iraq for sale”)


While I was searching the Web to verify and research the information presented and discussed in the book I found the above link and found that a short film had been produced, a little teaser that may compel someone to pick up this book and read it. 


Perhaps we can change the pace here and get off of religion for a bit and see what people have to say that have read this book or perhaps you might want to take the time and pick it up and give it a read yourself. 

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Got Jesus?

Posted by coventryrm on Thursday, May 22, 2008

Got Jesus? 


Would I be justified to go up to a person that had this sticker on their car and tell them that they are delusional and question their mental health? 


To my friends that believe in God would it be okay for me to launch into a personal attack that they must be mentally weak to need or to believe in myths to feel good about their life or give them a sense of purpose? 


I had an interesting experience today.  In a phone conversation today with a friend my blog came up in a passing comment, I was asked more specifically about the topic, I was hesitant to share, knowing this person considers themselves Christian but they pressed so that I was compelled to try and explain my post titled – Religion Impedes Moral and Human advancement – although this is a controversial question most intellectual believers even though they would disagree at least understand that there is a viable argument for either side. 


What followed precisely illustrates how religious thinking, in my opinion unknowingly impacts individuals and how they interact and treat others or what they view as being justifiable.  I have to say I was so taken back by the direction this conversation went that I did a very poor job of articulating my position, the feeling was one of  basically being forced to defend myself while at the same feeling resistant to doing exactly that at the risk of coming off as being defensive.  


I find it amazing that it seems to be perfectly okay to launch into an attack of a non believer that feels what he has to say is important and that his world view is what he believes would have a positive impact on the world and humanity.


Not only was my metal health questioned but my charitable nature as well. I was personally attacked and summarily dismissed and then told what simple basic principle we should ALL follow.  (Had something to do with prayer to God)      



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LDS Heirarchy Explained

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This BYU “mean girls” study explains the pecking order in the LDS church:

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Is Homosexuality Natural?

Posted by skiutah on Saturday, May 17, 2008

I once had a religious friend tell me that homosexuality is unnatural and a sin, as evidence, cited that humans are the only species to engage in same gender sex. Here’s an interesting article on homosexual behavior in animals:

However, just because animals do something doesn’t make it okay for humans to do it. For example, if a dog is sexually attracted to a human leg, that doesn’t make bestiality okay (although a lot of canines would disagree with this).

The point is that Homo sapiens are not the only species that have homosexual tendencies.

Humans do seem to be the only homophobic species. They tend to attack anything that they perceive as being not like them. Religions fan the fire because it gives them control over their members, which keeps the money coming in.

What did Jesus say about bedroom behavior? He said “judge not” and “love thy neighbor as yourself”. What consenting adults do behind bedroom doors is nobody else’s business. And it’s certainly not your hegemonic Bishop’s business.


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Friday’s Warrior

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, May 15, 2008

I can remember in the late 70s, I had an LDS seminary teacher who told me “the world will end in less than 15 years, you are the chosen generation to do battle with Satan before Christ comes, you have been saved for the very last days, you must have done something extra special in the pre-existence to be born into a white LDS family in Utah. You are a Saturday’s Warrior!”

At the time, I asked my grandmother what she thought about the above comments by my seminary teacher, she said “don’t worry about the apocalyptic rhetoric, I was told the same thing when I was a young girl.”

When my grandmother passed away many years ago, we had to call in a biological hazmat team to extricate the 2 year supply of food (that was about 30 years old) from her basement.

In retrospect, I must have been an average Joe in the pre-existence. I don’t keep a 2 year supply of canned food in my cellar. And I won’t moving back to Missouri with the rest of the doomsday cult.

I realize now that nobody in my generation was a “Saturday’s Warrior”, at best, I’d be a “Friday’s Warrior”. Somehow the soundtrack doesn’t sound the same though… “these are the few, the warriors saved for Friday, to come, the last day of the world, these are they, on Friday…”

(and my grandmother must have been a Thursday’s Warrior)

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The Pope doesn’t think it is a good idea for the Mormon Church to re baptize dead Catholics

Posted by coventryrm on Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vatican letter directs bishops to keep parish records from Mormons

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