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What Would Jesus Do?

Posted by skiutah on Monday, August 24, 2009

Rifqa Bary said that her father threatened to kill her because she converted to a non-Muslim religion: Honor Killing

What would a Mormon family do with a 17 year old that converted to another religion?
a) ostracize them
b) cut them off financially
c) threaten them with eternal damnation
d) don’t mention their name anymore to relatives
e) treat them as if they had died
f) remove them as a facebook friend
g) put their name in the temple prayer hat

What would Jesus do if he had a child that converted to another religion? Would he react like the Muslims? or the Mormons?


What would the Mormon Jesus do: shun, ostracize, ridicule, cajole, avoid...


2 Responses to “What Would Jesus Do?”

  1. coventryrm said

    Although the LDS Church does not have an official shunning policy (unless you consider those that have gone through a court of love shunning)

    Shunning does seem to happen in several different ways, at least that has been my experience for me personally and other people that I have been acquainted with.

    I do think the shunning that does happen is more a symptom or unconscious response to certain indoctrination, generalizations about why people leave the faith.

    The most common form is the what I call the “Uncomfortable” shun, this one isn’t done maliciously in my opinion it is just that many in the church are so uncomfortable they don’t know what to say, your friendship relationship was based upon your church affiliation even if you had grown to be friends outside of the church the church was still the foundation. My experience with these people is they will pretend to not see you when you run into them in public if in fact interaction with you is unavoidable they will not look you in the eye exchange pleasantries quickly and move on as fast as possible.

    There were a few, mostly family members that blatantly shunned, rolling eyes and clucking tongues or just outright ignoring you at family gatherings. In my case a few of my siblings and in-laws would have regular lunch meeting with my still TBM ex-wife for Jim bashing sessions, eventually one sibling participate felt uncomfortable with it they stopped going, while a Sister in-law could never get enough of any bad gossip and freely spread it to whom would ever listen.

    There were also the “sincere” that stayed your friend for at time that believed if they continued to fellowship you that you would eventually return to the fold, they had all slowly faded away after 2 years.

    I think the other shunning is self induced as over time you hope you will be accepted for who you are and that your family and friends will see that you are a better person for your decision but that just doesn’t seem to happen, at least not in my case. (I think the reason for this has the potential for a separate post.) For the first 5- 8 years I tried to bridge the gap, after I remarried a wonderful (never been a Mormon) lady we would hold family gatherings in our home, my wife (The Hostess whose home they were at) would not only be ignored but comments would be made to my children such as “How is your Mother I miss her so much” right in front of my wife, and then the coy sideways look of I just put your in your place didn’t I. Eventually you start to remove yourself and dread the family gatherings especially the ones held on Sundays as generally much of the conversation will be so and so said this in Gospel Doctrine today etc etc…. Luckily for a time I had one sibling that had left Mormonism as well, she passed away in April, we would always try and make sure we were there for each other at family gatherings it was the only way to make them bearable and at least then my wife would have someone there that knew her and was comfortable with her and not made to feel like a stranger among family. Now my shunning is self induced as I make minimal effort nor have very little desire to be around such a dysfunctional culture and family.

  2. coventryrm said

    Sharron …sorry I deleted your comment on accident when I was deleting a spam comment from proud mary entertainment.

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