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Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, May 17, 2012

More research showing that coffee drinkers live longer and healthier lives than folks that don’t drink coffee: Coffee drinkers live longer

No word yet from church leaders on whether God will change his mind regarding the evilness of drink made from a bean that He created. If God does have a change of heart, here’s an idea for a coffee mug that could be popular in Utah (see below).

Mormon Cup o Joe (Smith)

Cup o Joe
New and everlasting flavor!
Now on sale at temple gift shops.

And here’s another study that shows coffee helps prevent skin cancer: Coffee helps prevent skin cancer

Studys also show that coffee helps prevent Alzheimers: Coffee prevents Alzheimers

Rumors are swirling that President Monson has Alzheimers, ironically, he could benefit the most from this medicinal drink.


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