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LDS Black Priesthood Prohibition Still Smoldering

Posted by skiutah on Monday, March 12, 2012

Here’s an interesting article in the Salt Lake Tribune titled: Why is the LDS church denying past doctrine?

Indeed, 40 years ago BYU Professor Randy Bott would have received compliments from the LDS leaders for his 1970s era appropriate explanation for denying Blacks the priesthood. In 2012, Professor Bott is castigated.

And here’s a blog posting that contains over 100 references from Mormon prophets, leaders, and LDS canon associated with the Mormon Black priesthood ban doctrine: LDS Quotes on Black Priesthood Ban

It’s duplicitous for the current Mormon leaders to state the previous reasons given regarding the Black priesthood ban are nothing but folklore.

The Mormon leaders could douse this fire once and for all by admitting the Black priesthood exclusion was a racist mistake, apologize, and move on.

Note: We attempted to contact the brethren in Salt Lake City for a statement on this article. One general authority speaking anonymously would only say “the speed at which the Mormon church becomes more Christian mainstream is limited by the rate at which the older apostles die off.”


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