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Did Mormon Prophets Predict 9/11?

Posted by skiutah on Sunday, September 11, 2011



One Response to “Did Mormon Prophets Predict 9/11?”

  1. In my junior year in high school in 1989 in my history class is predicted the 911 terrorist attacks along with a few other predictions. Before history class where I made my predictions I was drugged from behind by a member of a family that had been after me for a long time. The reason that they had been after me is that they believed that my grandfather had been responsible for their grandfather’s death. They believe that their grandfather had worked for my grandfather. Their grandfather had worked for my grandfather in the early 1940s and had come down with interstitial lung disease in the 1970s. Their grandfather had wished that his family would take revenge on me exclusively.

    Somehow their grandfather had come in contact with me as a child. Weakened by his disease with bitterness his dying wish was for his family to take revenge on me. One of the revenge points was for his family to poison me over many years with drugs that cause interstitial lung disease. They would secretly drug me with a syringe from behind with drugs that make you forget what has happened along with poison drugs. This is how they had gotten away with it so many years without me realizing it.

    My predictions were that there would be a terrorist attack on New York. I said, “The towers of glass would fall. There would be a target a monument or a symbol. Part of which would not make its destination.” Towers of glass equal world trade towers. Monument or symbol equals the pentagon. Part of which not make its destination is would flight 93 crash. The family that had been after me belonged to a satanic secret society. They were secretly listening out in the hallway. They recorded my predictions and then they shared my predictions with members of the satanic cult that they had been in. There were people in the satanic cult they belonged to that were involved in the highest levels of the United States government. These people plotted and planned the terrorist attacks of 911 not al Qaeda.

    When I was making my predictions I was hearing voices and seeing visions that were queuing me as what to say for the predictions. I believe that these visions and voices were coming from Satan and his demons.

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