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Discussing Pornography with Mormon Relatives

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here’s a gem from the Mormon-friendly Meridian Magazine: Mormon tips for talking porn with your son-in-law

From the article, here’s some hard-core advice on how to start a pornography conversation with other Mormons:

• Tell me about your experience with pornography over your lifetime.
• Is there a history of pornography use in your immediate or extended family?
• How do you define pornography? Follow-up: What are the major categories of porn? Valid answers include gay, hard-core, soft-core, fat on fat, lesbian, animal on human, and so forth. Ask for specific examples to ensure they understand the category.
• Does gay or lesbian porn turn you on? If it’s your son-in-law, consider that lesbian pornography is perfectly natural for him to want to watch.
• How have you healed from the impact of pornography on your life?
• Who helped you overcome your problems with pornography?
• How do you currently protect yourself from pornography?
• Do you have a preference for porn media such as magazines or DVDs?
• Have you ever wanted to stop viewing pornography, but couldn’t?
• Have you or anybody in your extended family ever been a registered sex offender? Follow-up: If yes, what is their address?

From the article, here are some answers to take note of:

• Admits that he used to look at pornography, but says that he stopped doing it, but fails to explain how he was able to stop.
• Claims he overcame the problem on his own without any help from others.
• Won’t admit he occasionally masturbated furiously while viewing porn.
• Hasn’t said anything to his girlfriend/fiancé about his history with pornography.
• Vague about where he keeps his porn stash (acceptable answers are like “under mattress” or “bottom of dresser drawer”).
• Admits he used to have a problem, but doesn’t define what exactly that problem was.
• Admits to the use of back door vibrators while viewing gay porn.
• He insists that he’s never even seen pornography and appears “too perfect” in his responses.


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