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Did they really say THAT?

This is where we shall go tracting today Elder SkiUtah

Posted by coventryrm on Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello I am Elder CoventryRm ….. the perfect little Morbot starting out my day as a missionary in the England Coventry Mission sometime in the early 80’s …notice I even have my little white bible “book of rules” in my shirt  pocket.


2 Responses to “This is where we shall go tracting today Elder SkiUtah”

  1. coventryrm said

    SkiUtah …remember this we would pray each morning and then one of us would just walk up to the map close our eyes and wave our hand in the air and then point to the map and if it landed in our district area we would feel inspired to tract in that area… Good times!

  2. skiutah said

    omg. lol!

    And we were arguably the most successful pair of missionaries at that time (based on the number of baptisms in the mission). We had great success with our “pin the finger on the map” technique for finding potential converts…

    I can remember being selfish in wanting to baptize the first person that we converted. I thought it would be my only chance at baptizing anybody and I wanted to have at least one. I didn’t realize that there would be several more.

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