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Did they really say THAT?

Mormon Wedding Superior to Royal Wedding

Posted by skiutah on Friday, April 29, 2011

Sorry England, sadly, Prince William and Princess Catherine’s royal wedding is not for time and eternity. It is only until death do they part. If they had participated in a Mormon wedding, they could have been married for time and eternity. On behalf of everybody in Utah, we express our condolences to the royal “for time only” family, as the Lord views this marriage as only earthly, not heavenly.

Not for time and eternity...

What was:
Church of England Royal Wedding

What could have been...

What could have been:
LDS Eternity Wedding
No non-Mormons allowed, sorry Queen Mum!
You must wait outside.

Tip: Avoid Mormon missionaries at all costs in this life. This makes you automatically eligible for Mormon baptism and Mormon eternity weddings in the next life. Note: There’s a “dead for one year” waiting period to get on the necro-nuptials list.


One Response to “Mormon Wedding Superior to Royal Wedding”

  1. Brett said

    Bahahahahahaha…they don’t know what they were missing.

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