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Sex Causes BYU Basketball to Implode

Posted by skiutah on Saturday, March 5, 2011

BYU officials have managed to destroy a dream basketball season that comes along once every 50 years. BYU decided to ban star player, Brandon Davies, for having consensual pre-marital sex with his girlfriend.

I attended and graduated from BYU. I lived in the dorms and the surrounding apartments for four years. There is a lot of pre-marital sex that happens at BYU. Think about it, you have 15,000 young males in close proximity to 15,000 young females. That adds up to a lot sex. It’s human nature, there’s no getting around it. Anybody who thinks otherwise has their head stuck deep in the sand.

BYU officials decided to make an example of one guy, a star basketball player, for having pre-marital sex. Why single him out and not all of the other thousands of young people doing what comes naturally for humans?

There are two factors working against this young man:
– He’s African American in one of the most racist cultures in America. (Older Mormons are highly racist, especially those born before 1978).
– He had sex with the wrong girl. His girlfriend is probably the daughter of a stake president or similar high ranking Mormon official. The father saw the color of this young man’s skin, and decided to raise a ruckus. So instead of giving Brandon a slap on the wrist (like they do to everybody else who engages in this act of human nature), they decide to kick him off the basketball team.

Way to go BYU, you’ve just dismantled your shining public relations basketball team. You’ve destroyed any future chance of recruiting top African American talent. This will haunt your athletic program for years. And for what? You’ve singled out one guy out of thousands to impose draconian measures, all for the wrong reasons. It’s too bad for BYU that more reasonable leaders didn’t intervene. BYU could have had something special this year. Even by Mormon standards, this behavior is dumbfounding.

BYU Shame


3 Responses to “Sex Causes BYU Basketball to Implode”

  1. coventryrm said

    I really think the media is missing out on finding the many racist quotes by Brigham Young …considering the school is named after the man …I am surprised any African American would even consider going to the school.

  2. FB said

    I might agree (somewhat) with this immature rant if the author has any objective evidence (not just knowing of a “guy” or “girl” in this situation that received a “slap on the wrist.”) I would like to believe that BYU (as does any enlightened Bishop/Stake President) takes a merciful and repentance-sensitive approach to those confessing to pre-marital sex. On the other hand, wanting to believe it doesn’t make it so.

  3. skiutah said

    Mormons: they can leave the blogs, but they can’t leave the bloggers alone.

    In other breaking news: BYU students protest Brandon Davies’ Dismissal By Having Sex on Campus Grounds

    What could have been:
    * High seed in NCAA tournament
    * Historic Final Four appearance
    * Glowing positive publicity for BYU and LDS church

    What will be:
    * Middle-ish seed in NCAA tournament
    * Second or third round exit, this team will lose the first time they play a team with big boys
    * Long term damage to BYU athletics and future recruiting efforts

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