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Packer’s Gay Talk Edited on LDS Website

Posted by skiutah on Friday, October 8, 2010

Here’s the Salt Lake Tribune article: Packer Misstatement on Gays

The most controversial part of the Packer’s speech was this line: “Some suppose that they were pre-set and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward the impure and unnatural. Not so! Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone? Remember he is our father.”

The word “temptations” has replaced “tendencies” and the question about God’s motives has been removed entirely.

You gotta hand it to the LDS church, at least they’re not waiting years or decades now before changing LDS apostle teachings that are just plain wrong.

Newsflash: Effective immediately, the LDS Public Relations department has taken over receiving Mormon revelations from God. Until further notice, the mormon prophet and other apostles have been relieved of uttering “thus saith the Lord”. The LDS PR department also announced they’ll delay the live feed at the next General Conference for 60 seconds so they can scrub out words that God wouldn’t want said.

An LDS PR spokesperson stated offline that when Elder Packer dies (which shouldn’t be long), his inspired gay bashing will be quickly dismissed as “spoke as a homophobic man”.

In other LDS news: Joseph Smith’s first vision about all churches being wrong and abominations has now been changed to “partly cloudy with chance of rain”.

Elder Packer's Gay Words of Wisdom


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