Book of Mormonisms

Did they really say THAT?


Posted by skiutah on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The LDS church, like all other one true religions, contains some commonly exclusive oxymorons:

– Garden of Eden in Missouri
– Mormon convert with Internet access
– The new and everlasting covenant coupled with Mormon monogamy
– Families are forever excluding weddings and funerals
– The best two years of my life (he said with a grim smile)
– Preordained choices
– Authentic Mormon history taught by Mormon Historian educated at BYU
– One first vision versions
– Evangelicals for Mitt Romney, 2012
– Lamanite DNA and proof of the Book of Mormon
– Court of love
– Infallible living prophet becomes fallible when dead… life lessons rescindable through death
– Wickedness never was happiness
– Brotherly love, contraception, abortion, war, self-defence, thou shalt not kill, blood atonement
– Gay Mormon, Feminist Mormon, Tolerant Mormon, Christian Mormon, Intellectual Mormon, Democrat Mormon, Creative Mormon, Biblical Mormonism…

If you need an explanation for the partially complete list, then you’ve probably mistakenly navigated to the correct website. If you require no enlightenment for the obvious, then this is the place to learn more.


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