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Peter’s Post and the Mindless Mantra

Posted by coventryrm on Sunday, May 23, 2010

Peter responded to Skiutahs recent post Mormonism get thee behind me.  I have given his response much thought, at first I was going to write about how Peter completely validated skiutah’s post and could not have provided us a better real life example that many TBM’s do exactly what skiutah was claiming. 

I decided however to address a statement that not only Peter made in his response but what seems to be a mantra used regularly by those defending the blatant contradictions their particular brand of  faith has with things that are proven scientific facts.   

“Those who have decided that the church is untrue always do so from a perceived physical facts standpoint. The problem is that physical facts are all over the place and not all evidence is completely accurate.”

When I see this statement my first thought is does this person really not understand how scientific theory works?  Or that it just doesn’t work when applied to their specific contradiction? 

“not all evidence is completely accurate”  This may be true but does not automatically = “physical facts are all over the place” 

Let’s take Evolution as an example that this mantra is often used on.   Evolution is a Fact, but is still labeled a theory ….. Why is that?  Because we are still learning about it and building on the theory as more data comes in we hone in on more specific understanding of how it actually works, but we KNOW it happened and is happening.  That has not changed.   A good example is that at one point it was thought that things evolve gradually and at a consistent speed over time, later we learned that it may proceed slowly with little or no change for a time then because of some change or influence that has a significant impact we get relatively rapid change.  This gave us a much better understanding but DID NOT change the fact of Evolution. 

The Irony that I find in Mormonism and when a Mormon claims that science is inconsistent and so therefore cannot disprove the Book of Mormon and the Mormon narrative when in reality science has done just that many times, but what has changed is the Mormon narrative or the Mormon interpretation of the narrative so that it can accommodate this new information.   

I can give many examples but I think one will be sufficient for this post, The Book of Mormon introduction and the teachings and statements of the early church leaders regarding the origin of Native Americans. 

Science has consistently moved forward and as it has advanced many of the early claims of the Mormon Church have either been proven false and or just silly, so the Church  changes its story to accommodate but this TBM accuses science of being all over the place, interesting.


One Response to “Peter’s Post and the Mindless Mantra”

  1. skiutah said

    What I find amazing is that when a person evaluates the same set of inputs that a Mormon does, and when somebody comes to a different conclusion than the true believing Mormon, how do Mormons react?

    * There must be something wrong with you.
    * You must have broken the rules and therefore are incapable of making the correct decision.

    And furthermore, how do Mormon family and friends react to those that come to a different conclusion: revulsion, threats, disgust, anger, resentment, loathing, hatred, denial, ostracize, snub, disown, and so on.

    Is that the reaction you would expect from inspired believers of Christ’s one true church? Or is that more like what you would expect from members of a fragile and shallow organization?

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