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Mexi-Lamanites Clash with Mormon Politician

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mormon senator Russell Pearce has sponsored a tough new immigration law in Arizona: Tough Arizona Law Targets Illegal Lamanites

Senator Pearce cited the LDS document of “13 Articles of Faith” as the reasoning behind the new tough “no-Lamanite love” law. However, many Latino-Lamanites not taking this sitting down. One source was quoted as saying “Father Lehi promised us the Americas. Our ancestors were here first and we will blossom like the rose, legally or illegally.”

Utah church leaders are quietly encouraging Arizona-Lamanites to pray (in Spanish) for the fulfillment of the Book of Mormon promise of their skin turning white and delightsome. This way brown skinned pure Americans can avoid being targeted by Arizona police for arrest and prosecution.

Update: Arizona officials have informed illegal Hispanic-Lamanites they have until July 29 to either become legal or turn white, otherwise it’s adios.

Elder Bendayho preaches to Catholics.

Hola, I'm Elder Pendejo, we claim to be about compassion, love, and charity. However, our 13 Articles of Faith prevent us from keeping illegal immigrants in the USA. It doesn't matter if your forefathers got here 12,000 years ago, go back to Mexico. Illegal brethren, adieu!


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