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Floating Mormon Temple Hat Causes Colorado Chaos

Posted by skiutah on Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Colorado man filled a Mormon temple hat with helium and let it loose into the atmosphere late last week. The so called “balloon boy” incident wreaked havoc on Colorado airspace causing local airports to re-route and cancel flights.

Many people who viewed the temple hat were strangely moved by the spirit to hunger for jiffy pop popcorn.

Hot Air Temple Hat

Hot Air Temple Hat

No comment from LDS leaders on whether balloon (pun intended) boy will have his temple recommend grounded. This may force the brethren to finally do some thinking outside of the box. Also of concern is that other members may try to get high in the same manner.

No word yet on charges from general authorities, possible violations may include: flying a temple hat without a recommend and perpetrating a hoax against humanity.

LDS Members Special Alert: the anti-Mormons have created a “Mormon Temple Hat-Think Outside the Box” Halloween Costume kit (see below). Do not reward these apostate trick-or-treaters with any candy.

Mormon Temple Hat Halloween Costume

Mormon Temple Hat Halloween Costume

Update: Balloon boy’s mom admits the floating Mormon temple hat was a hoax. At a cost of 2 million dollars (rescue efforts, military choppers), each Colorado taxpayer forks out about 50 cents. I know it was well worth it for me.

Floating Mormon Temple Hat Hoax

Floating Mormon Temple Hat Hoax


2 Responses to “Floating Mormon Temple Hat Causes Colorado Chaos”

  1. coventryrm said

    Bahahahaha …it does look like one doesn’t it… 🙂

  2. John said

    haha. i’ll admit… this is funny

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