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LDS Leader Promises Hetero Erection for Resurrected Gays

Posted by skiutah on Monday, September 21, 2009

A Mormon leader (Bruce C. Hafen) recently promised gays “If you are faithful, on resurrection morning—and maybe even before then—you will rise with normal attractions for the opposite sex.” Read the article here: Satan Behind Gay Behavior

Do the LDS leaders actually know any gay people? Do they really think that gays just wake up one day and choose to have a same-gender attraction? Apparently so, Elder Hafen states “Having same-gender attraction is NOT in your DNA.”

Perhaps the LDS leaders have a special knowledge of DNA? Maybe drawn from their experience with the Lamanite=American Indian issue? Reference: Lamanites Blossom as the Thorn

In about 50 years from now, expect the inspired LDS prophet to receive a “Homosexual Manifesto” revelation from God that proclaims same-gender attraction is a natural (and positive) variation of human biology.

The Mormon church will further state that any prior statements on homosexuality were simply misguided opinions of LDS leaders from a previous era. Elder Hafen will be panned with the likes of Brigham Young, Joseph Fielding Smith, Bruce R. McConkie, and so on; he was an uninspired and misquoted person, speaking as a man.


One Response to “LDS Leader Promises Hetero Erection for Resurrected Gays”

  1. […] Hafen in his recent (in)famous speech to gay Mormons at Evergreen (more posts about it here, here, and here) gave his understanding (whether it is doctrinal or not, who knows?) that gays would be healed […]

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