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7 Year Old Utah Boy Attempts to Escape Cult

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A 7 year old Utah boy led police on a car chase in an effort to break away from church: Boy uses car to steer clear of burning bosom

The boy was captured north of Salt Lake City. Upon capture the boy was heard to mumble something like “I was just trying to bury my testimony with a fast and chase meeting…”

4 Responses to “7 Year Old Utah Boy Attempts to Escape Cult”

  1. Sharron said

    Smart boy. He knows it is all bunk. I hope he holds on to his feelings and continues to resist the teachings he is trying to escape.

  2. John said

    Really Sharon?

    Since you know so much about Christianity, why is it all bunk??

  3. Sharron said

    A Dear John Letter:

    Dear John,

    I refuse your “thrown gauntlet” to engage in verbal volleyball regarding said bunk. Been there, done that and will no longer waste my time.

  4. John said


    You’ve made a very good decision.


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