Book of Mormonisms

Did they really say THAT?


Posted by coventryrm on Monday, July 20, 2009


5 Responses to “Open-mindedness”

  1. Sharron said

    I stumbled upon your site from lurking on Feminist Mormon Housewives which I felt was so delusional I couln’t look away from the accident, so to speak. I found their banter, incased in a black-hole stretched bubble, actually scary. Then I finally found your statement that said it best for me, that religon will/might possibly lead to our demise. I, too have studied high and low and found Carl Sagan to be a good match for me. My compliments to you to be the very best at verbal volley ball with the LDSers etc., in which your logic is faultless, kind, in-line with debate rules (they do place spins on your responses while you do not stoop to such manipulations)and you are at peace with yourself! I, too am at peace as an atheist.May I coin some of your phrases? Warm regards, Sharron

    • coventryrm said

      Yes, coin away and link away, thanks for your comment.

      I do find it interesting that it seems to be the “Christians” that almost with out fail are the first to resort to name calling and personal attacks.

      I think the reason for this is that they their sense of self is so tied into being LDS that when you hit home with a point in regards to the LDS faith they are unable to separate that from self.

  2. Sharron said

    I try to visualize future Earth (hoping that is not an oxymoron) free of obsticles, like religious fanactics, and we really could be so much more advanced that what and where we are in time. In archives on this site-12/15/2007 Coventryrm said: “Religon is and has held back real moral and intellectual growth as a species.” The scope of a world that held scientific growth as its compass would have realized a modern day Star Trek-like existance in my opinion. What a marvelous picture I have in my mind of dollars well spent over the decades to create a wonder world. One that would not have been torn down by wars. So that each step of progress is forever a forward venturing ideaolgy. Eutopia was(is?) very obtainable and sustainable. We have evolved to obtain that but realizing it must scare those who cling to religious beliefs so much that they are willing to fight blindly hoping that closed eyes and minds will stop time. Technology will continue to advance and in that is my hope to leverage the enlightened to powerful positions regarding Earth’s policies.

    • SkiUtah said

      yes, humans don’t seem all that good at working together for the greater good. Religious leaders may argue that religion does make people better. The problem with that is the men in charge of religions will do whatever it takes to keep the money rolling in and stay in control, and aren’t interested in what’s good for the greater population…

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