Book of Mormonisms

Did they really say THAT?

Saving Yourself from Religion

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here’s an article where psychologists demonstrate that humans have an innate ability to believe in false ideas regardless of factual evidence that demonstrates a concept is false: Illusion of validity

Have you ever wondered why some people accept as truth things that seem unbelievable? Some strange beliefs jump to mind:

Friday the 13th is unlucky
American Indians are Book of Mormon Lamanites
Tooth Fairy
Jesus was Quetzalcoatl
Racism was okay before 1978
Satan owns the waterways
Alice Cooper and Snoop Dog are Mormons
Book of Abraham
Santa Claus
Polyandry and polygamy
Pro Wrestling
Obama Birther Conspiracy
Journal of Discourses
Where are the Three Nephites?


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