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When Was the Mormon Priesthood Restored?

Posted by skiutah on Saturday, May 2, 2009

This article states that the genetic diversity in Africa supports the theory that humanity evolved and originated in Africa (click here): Out of Africa

Inspired LDS prophets teach us otherwise:
1. Humanity originated in Missouri 6,000 years ago, not evolving in Africa over millions of years.
2. Noah floated from America to the Middle East to continue humanity there (not Africa). Therefore Middle Eastern people (and American Indian Lamanites) should have more genetic diversity than Africans.

Problem: If all people descended from Africans, this means that the priesthood could never have been restored in the 1830s, because God didn’t allow Africans or their descendants to hold the priesthood prior to 1978.

Insider’s tip: It’s possible that God only granted Joseph Smith a learner’s permit on the priesthood in the 1830s, and that the full priesthood wasn’t restored until 1978, when male humanity finally became eligible for the real priesthood.


3 Responses to “When Was the Mormon Priesthood Restored?”

  1. Archie said

    Is this a SPOOF?

  2. maaark said

    Well I do like the name “skiutah”. So where did you ski this year? I had a monday only pass at Solitude! Had a few good days. ahhh utah 🙂

    • SkiUtah said

      I do most of my Utah skiing at Sundance. But I haven’t been in a while… 😦

      And I don’t know if some of this blog material would be considered a “spoof” or not, some of it is intended to be somewhat humorous…

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