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HBO’s Big Love LDS Temple Ceremony

Posted by skiutah on Saturday, March 14, 2009

LDS Alert: HBO is airing the Mormon temple ceremony in prime time! For details click here: Big Love

We recommend that you invite a non-LDS family into your home to watch the Big Love LDS temple ceremony. Afterwards, you’ll have some explaining to do; here are some helpful guidelines:

Q: Why does God require secret handshakes and passwords to get into heaven?
A: The all powerful Lord cannot differentiate sinners from saints without special handshakes and passwords.

Q: Can non-Mormons get into heaven now that they know the secret handshakes and passwords?
A: This may be God’s way of making Mormonism more mainstream, by allowing non-Mormons into heaven.

Q: Why do men wear the Keebler Elf outfits?
A: Explaining this would be like giving a Ph.D. lecture to first graders. You don’t have the background to understand this concept.

Q: Do Mormons still believe in puerile marriage?
A: It’s “plural”, not “puerile”. Read D&C 132, for the revelation to Joseph Smith on the plurality of wives.

Q: Does this hurt Mitt Romney’s chances in 2012?
A: HBO has introduced LDS temple ceremony to the world, everybody will know how to get into heaven now, which can only help Mitt.



3 Responses to “HBO’s Big Love LDS Temple Ceremony”

  1. coventryrm said

    I thought they did a very tasteful job on HBO I think the series has been very well done

  2. blazeheliski said

    My wife LOVES that show. We have them all recorded. That show is like fingernails on the chalkboard to me – more than one wife is the stuff nightmares are made of. 😉


  3. skiutah said

    This legally blind apparently saved a woman from an attacker: Saves Woman

    It’s nice to see stories of blind Mo.mans saving people. They can use good publicity like this. If HBO would do a special show on this guy, that might calm down some of the anti Big Love crowd.

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