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LDS and FLDS Polygamy Angelic Origins

Posted by skiutah on Friday, January 9, 2009

Twelve young girls (ages 12 to 15) were found to be married to older FLDS men: Young FLDS Brides

Here’s a linke to the history of Mormon Polygamy: Mormon Polygamy Timeline

Here’s a diagram that details the various polygamous sects that splintered off from Joseph Smith and the LDS church: Polygamy Leadership Tree

The diagram displays the lineage of polygamy from Warren Jeffs back to the founder of polygamy, Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith and Warren Jeffs share many traits:
– Both married to multiple teenage girls.
– Both used the line “God commanded them to practice polygamy” to get teenage girls into bed with them.
– Both showed classic symptoms of grandiose delusional disorder.
– Both did time in jail for breaking the law.

If young Fanny Alger hadn’t tempted Joseph Smith we wouldn’t have this sticky wicket.

Or if that pesky angel with a sword hadn’t demanded that Joseph Smith jump-start polygamy: “Some people have supposed that the doctrine of plural marriage was a sort of superfluity, or non-essential, to the salvation or exaltation of mankind…But he did not falter, although it was not until an angel of God, with a drawn sword, stood before him; and commanded that he should enter into the practice of that principle, or he should be utterly destroyed…” Joseph F. Smith, JD 20:29

Imagine going to your spouse with that story… “uhh, honey, an angel with a sword stopped by today and said the darndest thing…”

Does the LDS church not teach its history to members? I have talked with Mormons who are unaware of:
– Joseph Smith’s revelation on polygamy is recorded in D&C 132, and is still part of LDS canon
– Joseph Smith practiced polygamy and polyandry (verifiable on an LDS website,
– Mormon men today can still be sealed and married to more than one woman (if the current spouse dies), and in heaven the Mormon man will have a polygamous relationship with these multiple women he was sealed to in a Mormon temple

Many LDS members state that the FLDS church has no relation to the LDS church. How is that possible?
– Both LDS and FLDS believe that Joseph Smith, Brigaham Young, and John Taylor were prophets who communicated directly with God.
– Both LDS and FLDS believe in the Book of Mormon and other LDS canon.
– Both LDS and FLDS believe that Joseph Smith introduced polygamy as a new and everlasting covenant (D&C 132).
– Both LDS and FLDS believe that the other churches have apostasized and that only they contain the complete truth.


One Response to “LDS and FLDS Polygamy Angelic Origins”

  1. ninjamama said

    never meet so many people or seen so much literature on the MORMONS.. I dont put anyones religion down but I know that anything written said or done against the Lords church will be written in your book of Life to stand for or against you on Judgement Day.. if you are not a Mormon then stop writing articles and go find something better to do with your life

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