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Should Your Parents Have Aborted You?

Posted by skiutah on Thursday, January 1, 2009

Do Both of Your Parents Smoke? “For both man and wife to be addicts to smoke inhalation is destructive of everything that is good. Children born to such a pair had better never have been born.” Heber J. Grant, Conference Report, Oct. 1934
RU 486
Have You Lost Your Membership? “…the killing of a million in a great world war would be nothing compared to your losing your membership, your priesthood, your blessings. They might never be restored to you. Men who die may live again, but when the spiritual death is total, it were better that a man were never born.” Spencer W. Kimball, The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 502

Are You Suicidal? “Suicide may solve his problem so far as this life is concerned, but what about eternity? If we so much dread the pitiful, lingering, unhappy death of the body, what would it be like to endure eternal death in one’s own soul? Of those who sin unto death the Lord has said, . . . it had been better for them never to have been born;” Sterling W. Sill, Conference Report, April 1965

Have You Ever Rebelled? “Those who fight the truth and come out in open rebellion against God, however, would have remained better off had they never been born.” Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p .85

Are You Male and Have a Parent Named “Perdition”? “They are they who are the sons of perdition, of whom I say that it had been better for them never to have been born;” God, D&C 76:32


6 Responses to “Should Your Parents Have Aborted You?”

  1. Queenbee said

    And there is a new one. The so-called church just releasd a New Year’s DVD with a talk by Holland where he states that there are worse things than death–like losing your faith.

  2. blazeheliski said

    “better to have never been born” is not exclusive to religious zealots. It is a growing “war chant” among the environmental “zealots. Here is a little snippet from the article I linked below……

    “”If we had half as many people, we wouldn’t have much of a climatic warming problem,” Ric Oberlink, a spokesman for the group, told Cybercast News Service.

    This means “population control,” of course. And population control is another word for coercion by government — the real agenda of many global warming supporters.

    Population control sounds benign, but it really isn’t.

    It means things like more forced abortions, mass sterilizations and mandatory contraception. It means, too, that perhaps we will have to harden our hearts and turn away from the great tragedies — AIDS, malaria, war — that now kill millions of people around the world every year.”

    In other words half of us really should be dead or never have existed for the good of “Mother Earth.” Do you think you are in the dead half or the living half?

    This mass human extermination is under the guise of “stopping global warming.” News flash to the exterminators – global warming seems to be stopping all on its own. Here is another quote from another article I linked below………

    “According to the National Climatic Data Center, 2008 will be America’s coldest year since 1997, thanks to La Nina and precipitation in the central and eastern states. Solar quietude also may underlie global cooling. This year’s sunspots and solar radiation approach the minimum in the sun’s cycle, corresponding with lower Earth temperatures. This echoes Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist Dr. Sallie Baliunas’ belief that solar variability, much more than CO2, sways global temperatures.

    Meanwhile, the National Weather Service reports that last summer was Anchorage’s third coldest on record. “Not since 1980 has there been a summer less reflective of global warming,” Craig Medred wrote in the Anchorage Daily News. Consequently, Alaska’s glaciers are thickening in the middle. “It’s been a long time on most glaciers where they’ve actually had positive mass balance,” U.S. Geological Survey glaciologist Bruce Molnia told Mr. Medred Oct. 13. Similarly, the National Snow and Ice Data Center found that Arctic sea ice expanded 13.2 percent this year, or a Texas-sized 270,000 square miles.

    Across the equator, Brazil endured an especially cold September. Snow graced its southern provinces that month.

    “Global Warming is over, and Global Warming Theory has failed. There is no evidence that CO2 drives world temperatures or any consequent climate change,” Imperial College London astrophysicist and long-range forecaster Piers Corbyn wrote British members of Parliament on Oct. 28. “According to official data in every year since 1998, world temperatures have been colder than that year, yet CO2 has been rising rapidly.” That evening, as the House of Commons debated legislation on so-called “global warming,” October snow fell in London for the first time since 1922. ”

    Who is really qualified to determine the value of any human’s life? Environmentalists? Politicians? God? Mother Nature? Does anyone really know if anyone would be “better to have never been born”?


  3. coventryrm said

    Blaze now that was quite the stretch for you to jump back on your “anti” global warming crusade…. 🙂 It was however on the top of my mind this last couple weeks as 16 inches of snow in Portland pretty much was a brutal nail along with the slow economy for local retailers!

    I do have a question though for you, like you mentioned in an earlier post, it is no longer called “Global Warming” but “Climate Change” I think the new the theory is that we are causing extremes both in warming and in unusual snow fall or extreme weather patterns hurricanes and such what are your thoughts on that?

  4. blazeheliski said

    I admit it was a stretch. But I was looking for the old global warming thread to give a 2008 update on the global warming “disaster” and I could not find a way to get to old threads. 🙂

    All the theories revolve around the CO2 that humans produce causing all these problems. The initial theory of global warming is that human produced CO2 will cause the earth to keep getting warmer and warmer as CO2 levels went up. This is all based on a theory by a scientist in the 1800s. In 1861, John Tydall came up with the theories about greenhouse gases and CO2. These theories were based on his work done in a 19th century lab. This was before the days of use being able to actually fly up into the atmosphere and take measurements and readings from the actual atmosphere of our actual planet. Suprisingly, very little work has been done since then to refine, support, or disprove his theories since then. You would think that some scientists using modern equipment might want to redo the research of a scientist from the 1800s. But that work for some reason is not being done.

    So anyway – CO2 levels have been stedily rising, but temperatures have been going down for the last 10 years. 2008 was the coldest year of the last decade. It basically got progressively colder since 1998 – which was supposedly the hottest year ever. But in reality, 1934 was the hottest year of last century. All of this does not correspond with Al Gore’s little “hockey stick” graph.

    So now the alarmists want to switch up and say that human produced CO2 will cause weather extremes. First of all – there is no research at all to support this. Second – show me the weather extremes. CO2 levels have been going up – where are the weather extremes. Haven’t you seen those old photos near the turn of the last century ot the Willamette being frozen over solid? It was certainly colder in those winters than it is now. many of the valleys in this area were carved by glaciers thousands of feet thick. It was sure colder in those days. It was also about 10 degrees warmer than it is now back in the days of the Vikings. They used to plant crops and have cattle on Greenland and Iceland. Those temperatures are more “extreme” than they are now. More hurricanes? A big report came out last spring saying that the “experts” changed there minds. Here is a little quote from the linked article…….

    “Global warming is not to blame for the recent jump in hurricanes, according to a top scientist who previously warned about the meteorological impact of climate change.

    Rising temperatures may actually reduce the number of hurricanes in the Atlantic, Tom Knutson claims in a new study.”

    So before I will jump on the Humans are causing weather extremes bandwagon – so me the research and then show me the temperature extremes. Both are lacking.


  5. coventryrm said

    I agree and I have been hoping for another mini ice age like we had back when you could ice skate on the pond in east moreland (or west) not sure which my Dad talks about it and I have seen the pictures of when both the Willamette and the Columbia rivers would freeze, just wanting for the POW POW baby!

  6. SkiUtah said

    I didn’t understand an aspect about the Too Many People article.

    It states that “each year, six million people die of starvation or malnutrition”.

    It later states that widespread famine never happened.

    It seems like six million people dying each year from starvation might classify as a famine, right?

    I think UNICEF is right, spend the money on education, and probably a lot of these issues would be much more manageable…

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