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Utah Prophet Predicts Nuclear War for Christmas

Posted by skiutah on Monday, December 15, 2008

The Parowan Prophet predicts U.S. will be nuked!

This guy is a Mormon who became a prophet after a heavenly plane crash. Utah has some peculiar people… prophets, FLDS polygamists, seers, constitution hanging by a thread gang, 3 nephite sightings, and so on…

nuke em!

Merry Christmas and a radiant and glowing New Year!

6 Responses to “Utah Prophet Predicts Nuclear War for Christmas”

  1. Grégoire said

    I think I’m related to that fellow. LOL!

  2. Bishop Rick said

    I wonder if dirty bombs qualify.

  3. Marianne said

    well….we will see……troops are collecting in California and west coast of Canada for some reason…..

  4. SkiUtah said

    Maybe the Utah prophet meant that nuclear war would start on April 11th, which is the real birthday of Jesus.

    Here’s a note from Mormon apostle Orson Pratt: (JD 13:127)

    “When we come to trace back all these authorities, we find that this very day, on which I am speaking, would be the close of the year, and that to-morrow, the 11th day of April, would be the anniversary of the very day on which Jesus was born; and the 6th day of April the very day on which he was crucified precisely eighteen hundred years prior to the organization of this Church.”

  5. Jesus was born in late Sepetember or early October. That Parowan ex-Mormon so called prophet is another false prophet come and gone…Watch out for Rona;s Weinlaqnd also, he claims to be one of the two witesses in Revealtion 11, his wife is supposedly the other of the two. All these people do is make GOD look false..

  6. Grégoire said

    Jesus is not a historical character. No such person ever existed.

    People who create him in their minds can make his birthday anything they like. One date is as good as the next.

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