Book of Mormonisms

Did they really say THAT?

Check out this video

Posted by coventryrm on Friday, October 31, 2008


4 Responses to “Check out this video”

  1. skiutah said

    It’s ironic that the Mormons, who have a history of disagreeing with the government’s definition of marriage (19th century polygamy), are now for the government telling people who they can’t marry. You’d think the LDS church would be uber sensitive to the federal government meddling with somebody’s private life.

    The family breakdown is usually caused by heterosexual dysfunction, not by homosexuals.

    We don’t discriminate against people for being left handed, or for having red hair. What’s all the fuss about over people who are born gay?

    Just like with blacks, the LDS church is about 50 years behind common sense on this issue…

  2. deaconj123 said

    Prominent LDS church member Steve Young is against Prop 8. At least some members of the Mormon church have some common sense:

  3. skiutah said

    Intersting website that discusses how the Mormons influenced the vote on Prop 8:

  4. Bishop Rick said

    Prop 8 does the following:

    Denies rights to one segment of society that are granted to others.
    Does not properly separate Church and State.
    Attempts to legislate morality vs ethics

    Sounds like discrimination and bigotry to me.

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