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Create Calendar, Get Excommunicated

Posted by skiutah on Friday, July 11, 2008

Mormon Missionaries Gone Wild Calendar

I wonder if they have a calendar for the sister missionaries?

want to meat a mormon missionary?

want to meat a missionary?

See the youtube video from Chad Hardy and his story about making the calendar. He was excommunicated because of it and wasn’t allowed to graduate from BYU. Regardless of what Mormons think, BYU will never be taken seriously has an institution of higher learning as long as they let the Mormon Taliban run off the creative intelligent types.

And the folks in Provo wonder why the University of Utah was invited to join a real college conference, and why nobody but 4th tier conferences want BYU.

In last 180 years the Mormon church has had one creative member, Joseph Smith, and the Mormon Taliban couldn’t get rid of Joseph Smith because he was in charge. But he got himself killed…


5 Responses to “Create Calendar, Get Excommunicated”

  1. deaconj123 said

    Any idea when “Relief Society Gone Wild Calendar” will be available?

  2. Bishop Rick said

    Not sure I would want to see that calendar, unless it was a BYU relief society that posed.

  3. SkiUtah said

    Now BYU won’t give him this guy his diploma:

    All over his “Stripping Warriors” calendar…

  4. deaconj123 said

    The LDS church doesn’t like people calling them a cult, yet they continue to act like a cult (excommunicate this guy and then let BYU yank his diploma).

  5. Valerie said

    He’s like a Mormon Pimp! Anyone who truely understands the LDS religion would never do this. There are other ways of showing the world that
    Mormons are cool people.

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