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Why are Christians so perverted?

Posted by coventryrm on Friday, May 30, 2008

Christian groups call for Starbucks boycott after chain relaunches bare-breasted mermaid logo


14 Responses to “Why are Christians so perverted?”

  1. Tim Rueb said

    I guess there will always be people who have standards other then your own, and some are willing to stand up for them when they feel their standards are be encroached on.

  2. coventryrm said

    What standard? “I sexualize everything and therefore feel threatened by such a logo”, however I am sure Starbucks will appreciate the attention as they say in marketing “There is no such thing as bad publicity! ”

    I don’t have a problem with them boycotting the question was more why would this threaten them, how could this logo at all be sexualized it seems a bit perverted to me.

  3. Tim Rueb said

    First of all, I’m a Christian and I don’t have a problem with the logo. My point is this group maybe finds the logo perverted based on their standards, which you admittedly can’t comprehend, and that’s OK. But they are willing to stand up for what they believe. That deserves an ounce of respect.

    Isn’t DIVERSITY grand? (that was rhetorical)

  4. coventryrm said

    I can’t comprehend female genital mutilation either should I give that believe the same ounce of respect?

    I also find interesting that we are talking about a mermaid – mermaids have tails, fins but not legs, the logo is described as

    “the new logo now shows the mermaid naked from the waist up”

    But yet the Christian fanatic makes this comment

    “The Starbucks logo has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute,”

    I just have to wonder about the state of mind of someone that reacts in this way it reminds me of the Evangelicals that denounce homosexuality and then we find out they have been hiring Male prostitutes. It only makes me wonder what demons these people are fighting that this logo could be so upsetting that they need to “Call for a boycott” now if they were offended and just stopped going to Starbucks I could perhaps respect that, actually it wouldn’t matter then and I wouldn’t have written this post and it wouldn’t even be news for that matter.

    It is about imposing our beliefs on others by coercion that I don’t respect

  5. ditchu said

    I am a Christian and I do not have an issue with the starbucks logo. But I also don’t overly sexualize everything. In my home town there is an issue that as a citizen am offended at. We are dealing with a strip-bar moving into the heart of town. Now this town has had several attempts to “Clean up” downtown, which has several bars and a commonly knowen streetwalker’s strip. After much attention and many attempts to get it undercontrol the city is discussing allowing this strip-club to move within 2 blocks of a newly established Highschool. As a Christian I would like all of these strip joints to be removed from town altogether but as a citizen I would like the Downtown to be zoned in a way that they cannot encrouch on that area. But I do respect the rights of these business owners. If it goes through One way to protest is to have a mass sit-in and don’t buy a thing.

  6. Tim Rueb said

    I did not say comprehension and respect are entwined is this case, I stated that if someone is willing to stand up for what they believe in, even at the expense of ridicule and mistreatment, I consider it a strength to their character.

    As for imposing their beliefs on you through coercion, I’m not seeing your point. I’m fairly certain that their call for a boycott was not targeted to you, but rather to persons of like-minded beliefs, whoever that is, I’m not sure.

    I’m also fairly certain that if you continued visiting your local Starbucks, that we wouldn’t see a Press Release title “Starbucks Boycott Total Failure – coventryrm still doesn’t believe!”

    Have a good one!

  7. coventryrm said

    The coercion part is to try and create bad publicity so Starbucks would then adhere to their belief system and change the logo. I would agree with you that standing up for a belief is a strength in most cases but there does come circumstances were standing up for irrational beliefs do not deserve respect either.

    Thanks for your comments.

  8. coventryrm said


    I agree with you on that topic regarding the strip club. I think the argument should be based on the impact to an area. Portland is home to the strip club I think we have more per capita than any city in the USA. I do belief that we have some very strict zoning laws as to how close they can be to certain things such as schools and such.

  9. SkiUtah said

    Most likely, these religious folks are going to generate a lot of free advertising for Starbucks via this boycott.

    So it makes one wonder if the religious group is just doing this to generate attention for themselves?

    “He who yells the loudest is usually hiding something”.

    Sort of reminds me of the republican politicians, screaming about marriage, family values, etc. Yet these are the same guys arrested for lewd acts in public bathrooms, caught with prostitutes, and so on.

  10. blazeheliski said

    The picture is of the mythological creature “Mulesine.” What made her different from a regular mermaid? The two tails allowed her to seduce and bed down with land bearing mortals. Maybe the Christian groups should be less worried about her breasts and more worried about the full legend on the little mutant mermaid? Here is a little quote from the web page I linked below.

    “The obscure symbol of a crowned woman in the circular border is actually a mermaid. Huh? Yes, mermaids only have one tail, right? Well, this one’s called Mulesine and she won’t settle for just one.
    Melusine is a mythological creature like a mermaid, but with two tails. It appears in European Heraldry, and a French medieval tale. The French fable goes that Mulesine married a man and they had a mess of deformed kids, though she always forbid him to see her in the bath one day out of the week. Guess why. One day, on one of these occasions, he spied her serpentine fish gams and she then fled in the never-to-be-seen-again fashion.
    Apparently, as a symbol, the two tails have something to do with the Chernobyl-styled mermaid’s ability to bed down with land lubbers. The original logo is sometimes referred to as the “bellybutton” logo. It might have been redesigned to the cropped-down version as a marketing afterthought to make it less symbolically risque—the modern equivalent of painting a fig leaf over the nether region of a nude figure in a classical painting.”

    Two tailed mermaida>

    FYI – I hate Starbucks. Not because they are a large corporation, or the fact that they have mutant, slutty mermaids as their logo. I hate them for their attitude. Their snotty, liberal leaning, if you drink anything esle you are sub-human attitude. It is almost as bad as the attitude of Apple corp and their fans. FYI – I hate coffee. 😉

  11. coventryrm said

    That was my basic point, what kind of mind looks at that logo and finds something sexual or offensive about it and then to think this person or people should be respected as protectors of values, standards and morality, it is really a bit scary and disturbing. What would we think of a dude that wanted us to protest the female rabbit on bugs bunny because it was too sexy and turned them on while they were watching cartoons with their kids.

  12. blazeheliski said

    Are we projecting? 😉 😉 :-0

  13. coventryNcabo said

    I think someone is!!!!!

  14. coventryNcabo said

    You have to admit that was one hot bunny! Hey didn’t this come up in Waynes World?

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