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Got Jesus?

Posted by coventryrm on Thursday, May 22, 2008

Got Jesus? 


Would I be justified to go up to a person that had this sticker on their car and tell them that they are delusional and question their mental health? 


To my friends that believe in God would it be okay for me to launch into a personal attack that they must be mentally weak to need or to believe in myths to feel good about their life or give them a sense of purpose? 


I had an interesting experience today.  In a phone conversation today with a friend my blog came up in a passing comment, I was asked more specifically about the topic, I was hesitant to share, knowing this person considers themselves Christian but they pressed so that I was compelled to try and explain my post titled – Religion Impedes Moral and Human advancement – although this is a controversial question most intellectual believers even though they would disagree at least understand that there is a viable argument for either side. 


What followed precisely illustrates how religious thinking, in my opinion unknowingly impacts individuals and how they interact and treat others or what they view as being justifiable.  I have to say I was so taken back by the direction this conversation went that I did a very poor job of articulating my position, the feeling was one of  basically being forced to defend myself while at the same feeling resistant to doing exactly that at the risk of coming off as being defensive.  


I find it amazing that it seems to be perfectly okay to launch into an attack of a non believer that feels what he has to say is important and that his world view is what he believes would have a positive impact on the world and humanity.


Not only was my metal health questioned but my charitable nature as well. I was personally attacked and summarily dismissed and then told what simple basic principle we should ALL follow.  (Had something to do with prayer to God)      




9 Responses to “Got Jesus?”

  1. skiutah said

    The religious people are emboldened by the fact that God is on their side. With God on your side, it doesn’t matter how you deliver your message, because you’re doing what God wants. These folks can often be condescending, insensitive, and rude, and not even realize it. A lot of cruelty is handed out in this world, often in the name of God.

  2. coventryrm said

    The interesting thing is the person isn’t overly religious, but for me to be taking time to present my information or have this blog must mean I have something wrong going on emotionally or mentally. It just showed me again how our society and culture has conditioned even those that are not necessarily regular church goers to view those that don’t believe, we must be angry or have a unjustified distaste for religion, it couldn’t possibly be that we have actually done our homework studied history and the issues and have formed a healthy opinion based on the information available.

  3. blazeheliski said

    Arguing with some people is a losing proposition from the very start. 😉

  4. coventryrm said

    I agree, one reason I resisted going there in the first place, I should have just said this will be something we will not agree on so lets not go there. regardless howevver the personal attack was offensive and out of line.

  5. coventryrm said


    I am fine with it and hold no ill will towards this friend and will still enjoy them as such, I understand it was not meant as offensive and judgmental as it felt or seemed at the time. I was just making a point of how attacks on a non believer seem conditioned and acceptable within our “Christian Nation”

  6. blazeheliski said

    Do you think that personal attacks are exclusive to Christians against agnostics and atheists? It seems to me that it is more an individual person issue rather than a group issue.

    Some people can have rational discussions and disagreements about religion, politics, and taste in music. It is funny how those 3 subjects can turn some of the nicest people into raving maniacs. Therefore, there are some people whom with you cannot even go near those subjects.

    There are Christians that always “attack” non-believers. On the other hand, there are plenty of atheists that do the same to Christians. Look at Bill Maher. He well known for his attacks on Christians. He always does it under the guise of comedy – too bad he is not funny. I could never figure out how he got his own show.

    I know that in my job, I can never talk about politics or religion unless you want to piss people off. I know there are many people that could handle it. But you never know when you will hit one of those “time bombs.”

  7. coventryrm said

    My point was not that these types of heated discussions happen they certainly do all across the board. What I attribute to “Christian Nation” social conditioning is that someone who I like very much and one I would not classify as overly religious or fanatical used old and tired Christian rhetoric to pigeon hole my motivations and question my character.

  8. blazeheliski said

    I wouldn’t take it too personally. Some people are just really good at pissing people off. Just ask the LO police. 😉

  9. coventryrm said

    I didn’t just thought it made a good post 🙂

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