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LDS Heirarchy Explained

Posted by skiutah on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This BYU “mean girls” study explains the pecking order in the LDS church:


4 Responses to “LDS Heirarchy Explained”

  1. blazeheliski said

    “This BYU “mean girls” study explains the pecking order in the LDS church”

    How so? Pecking order of women or pecking order of all church members?

  2. SkiUtah said

    This quote was in the article “The controversial child is socially savvy. They are good resource controllers, socially skilled, popular, conscientious, socially integrated, and yet among the most aggressive, dominant and arrogant children in the peer group.”

    I think the LDS church attracts certain personality types. The above quote made me think of the guys who become leaders in the LDS church.

  3. blazeheliski said

    I see your point now. Although, it seems like people with this personality type become leaders in all types of organizations, businesses, and groups. Do you really think Donald Trump would be a nice person to hang out with and have a beer at the local bar?


  4. SkiUtah said

    yeah, good point. These personality features are not unique to the LDS church, and these characteristics apply to leaders throughout most organizations…

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