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Is Homosexuality Natural?

Posted by skiutah on Saturday, May 17, 2008

I once had a religious friend tell me that homosexuality is unnatural and a sin, as evidence, cited that humans are the only species to engage in same gender sex. Here’s an interesting article on homosexual behavior in animals:

However, just because animals do something doesn’t make it okay for humans to do it. For example, if a dog is sexually attracted to a human leg, that doesn’t make bestiality okay (although a lot of canines would disagree with this).

The point is that Homo sapiens are not the only species that have homosexual tendencies.

Humans do seem to be the only homophobic species. They tend to attack anything that they perceive as being not like them. Religions fan the fire because it gives them control over their members, which keeps the money coming in.

What did Jesus say about bedroom behavior? He said “judge not” and “love thy neighbor as yourself”. What consenting adults do behind bedroom doors is nobody else’s business. And it’s certainly not your hegemonic Bishop’s business.



2 Responses to “Is Homosexuality Natural?”

  1. coventryrm said

    One theory that I have read extensively about is that homosexuality is part of the evolutionary mechanism that helps a species to survive. Certain studies have shown that there is an increase in homosexual behavior when you have situations of over population in certain species of animals hence the theory being that in response to sexual urges and needs homosexuality satisfies without procreating. (an over simplified explanation)

  2. myreligioniskindness said

    When you control someone’s sexuality (2nd chakra) you control on of the most powerful parts of their body, psyche, etc. This area also has to do with money and creativity/free expression. It might also explain why the church is so successful at fundraising (tithing) in that sex and money are connected energetically in the body. As soon as I took back my power over my sexuality, my whole world expanded like crazy.

    Did you know that in actuality, regarding the myths around creation, and Adam and Eve, that Eve was NOT the first woman created? It was Lilith and “God” turned her into a snake/serpent (a symbol of feminine power and sexuality) because she refused to quite using her sexuality to get what she wanted from Adam…..and who tempted Eve with the knowledge of good and evil found in the traditional story we were all taught? The snake.

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