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Latest News on Eldorado

Posted by coventryrm on Friday, April 25, 2008


3 Responses to “Latest News on Eldorado”

  1. Gnostic said

    Seems like the state of TEXAS shouted “pedophile” in the theater and now needs to be held accountable. Americans have civil liberties that the state of Texas has decided don’t really count. Remember Tulia? We see the exact same forces of the state engaged in the most outrageous behavior. And the apologist for the state keep saying the end justifies the means. The state of Texas is clearly engaged in un-American and illegal aggression against its citizens.

  2. SkiUtah said

    What civil rights do the FLDS have? 12 year old girls being impregnated by 50 year old males, maybe historically okay in Utah, but not in Texas…

  3. coventryrm said

    Gnostic I really don’t know what kind of person could condone the actions by these adults and would be more concerned about the civil rights of child molesters and kidnappers rather than that of the victims. I am SO glad this was acted upon and stopped.

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