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Do you think Parents should stay married for the kids?

Posted by coventryrm on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Study: Divorce may not cause kids’ bad behavior


3 Responses to “Do you think Parents should stay married for the kids?”

  1. ditchu said

    I think you should make the decision to stay together before you have kids, then do everything in your power to follow through on that decision if you do have kids.

    I think people use divorce too liberally as a way out of a situation they didn’t want to get into but lacked the foresight to see it coming. This liberal view of divorce has led to a lazy view on marriage, where people get married and they think it’s going to be easy. Marriage is the more difficult path. It is much easier to stay single than to have to share everything with someone else. We should take marriage very seriously and divorce even more seriously. My personal belief is that divorce should be reserved only for a major mistrust between spouses. this includes cheating, abuse, or general disrespect.

    So staying together would not be for the kids but for lack of this mistrust.

  2. ditchu said

    Supprised no one else commented on this Post.
    Great Question.

  3. ditchu said


    no arguments here?

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