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Where do we get our Morals from? Evolution? Social Conscience? Religion?

Posted by coventryrm on Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Religion or Social Conscience?

I would suppose to some the question would be like which came first the chicken or the egg? It does seem however a good understanding of  evolution might just answer this question.

It seems those that believe in religious faith feel very strongly that without religion we would be an ugly society or world without morals. This is something I very strongly disagree with.

I think history has clearly shown how we as humans have evolved and developed our morals and values despite of religion. If you look around us even now most of the wars and horrific things being done by one culture or government to another have an underlying religious theme. Religion is not necessarily the instigator but tends to be  pretty good at justifying. Not just wars or physical harm, I think the larger problem today is the intolerance it breeds whether it be subtle or aggressive.  Most people of religious faith truly believe that they are tolerant and accepting of others.  I have witnessed first hand and think that a strong belief in an absolute truth based on religious myth can not truly allow a person to fully accept others who do not believe as they do.  It will and does cause divisiveness within families.  Religion hurts us as a society.

Do you think that we would have allowed our country to get into the current conflict with the middle east if there was not an underlying religious theme?

Here is an interesting link of an article I found: Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior


8 Responses to “Where do we get our Morals from? Evolution? Social Conscience? Religion?”

  1. Wow, deep stuff. Of course as you know I think religion (God) is good. I think humans are, or rather can be, bad.

    I’m glad you started a blog! It’s fun!

    Good Luck! 🙂

  2. Ron said

    First off I would like to say that I love your new site.
    These are some tough questions you ask. I feel that some of the moral responsibility comes from the parents and upbringing and the envirment(sorry no spell check) that the person is subjected to when he/she leaves the house.

  3. coventryrm said

    Thanks Ron

    I figured I was taking up so much of Steffies blog I should take it somewhere else as well.

  4. SkiUtah said

    This seems like morals could come from a combination of good parenting and some reflection on the consequences of certain types of behavior that most people would label as bad (stealing, killing, adultery, and so on).

    As an adult, I can see that those “bad” types of behavior will ultimately lead to me suffering, and I don’t need a religion to tell me that.

    I’m not so sure young people or people raised in bad situations can always figure that out on their own…

  5. coventryrm said

    The question was more about, we as a human race. Did we need religion at some time to for us to have morals or values or did they evolve as part of our evolution and then men invented religion as a way to teach or enforce these values? Can society and or parents teach children these values without invoking a God or religion?

  6. SkiUtah said

    Thanks for the clarification.

    As a parent, I don’t think we need religion to assist us when teaching our children good vs. bad behavior. Of course, that assumes that the parent is in agreement with the majority of society as to what “good” and “bad” is…

  7. mcquinn said

    I think most people know what good and bad behavior means, in general terms, and they are capable of teaching those conceptst children without reference to any religion. That is not the purpose of religion, in my opinion. It’s not to help you teach your children that muder or theft are wrong. In fact, if your religion spends much time at all talking about what is acceptable behavior, you should get a new religion. The purpose of religion is to prepare you for eternity, not to tell you how to stay out of jail in mortality.

  8. coventryrm said


    That is not even a fair representation of what I am talking about in regards to values and morals. I am talking about the complete package of developing as an individual, finding inner peace for self and a love and appreciation for people and all that is around us. Embracing this precious and amazing existence of life that that we have.

    What is this actual preparation for this eternity?

    I am preparing myself for this life; everything I do every action I take has an impact on me here and now and on those around me. I can make myself miserable or I can live in a way that brings me true joy and happiness. I will have struggles and not always be perfect in how I treat myself or others, when I fall short in either I evaluate and adjust where I can. I and only I can create the Heaven or hell in which I will live my life in, or since it really is never that black and white, some day’s perhaps I am living telestial, or terrestial and on my best days Celestial, the only time I would even compare a day to outer darkness is when I have to spend time around those that I love that feel it and believe that it is okay to shun and dismiss me, but I realize that feeling is just the healthy grieving I go through to accept something about others that I can’t change, and love them just the same regardless of how they may view or treat me.

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